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Interview with Erik Arntzen

erik artzenBio

Dr. Erik Arntzen received his Ph.D. from University of Oslo, Norway, in February 2000. Arntzen’s dissertation was focusing on variables influencing responding in accord with stimulus equivalence. He is currently Professor in Behavior Analysis at Akershus University College (AUC). Dr. Arntzen is the head of the master program in behavior analysis at AUC. | LEER MÁS >

Interview with Phil Reed

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About Phil Reed

Phil Reed obtained a D.Phil. from the University of York, and then held Research Fellowships at the Universities of Oxford and Birmingham, before being a Lecturer at the University of Sussex, and Reader in Learning and Behaviour at University College London.

He took the Chair at Swansea in 2003.

Phil's research interests include:

  • learning and memory
  • schedules of reinforcement
  • autism and the effectiveness of early interventions for children with autistic spectrum problems
  • schizophrenia and visual hallucinations.
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