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List of document links for Verbal Behavior

gritando List of links with documents related to the Verbal Behavior Approach.

The list contains articles, FAQ, essays, and all types of documents related to Verbal Behavior.

"In 1957, as applied behavior analysis was developing and research on ABA was being published, Skinner published Verbal Behavior, which detailed a functional analysis of verbal behavior. What Skinner's text did was to extend operant conditioning to verbal behavior in order to fully account for the range of human behavior. Since the publication of Verbal Behavior, many applied behavior analysts, including Jack Michael, Mark Sundberg, Jim Partington, and Vince Carbone, have conducted and published research on verbal behavior, much of which can be found in The Analysis of Verbal Behavior journal. This body of research serves as the basic and applied foundation of teaching VB as part of an ABA program, or what is now sometimes referred to as AVB, as discussed above. The science of applied behavior analysis now has a solid empirical foundation to support it, due largely in part to Skinner and Ivar Lovaas."

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