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Probabilidad de autismo en primos

Aunque no somos expertos en genética, podemos decir que según los datos parece que aunque existe una mayor probabilidad de padecer autismo en hermanos, esta no se extiende a familiares más distantes, cual puedan ser los primos.

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"Using the Utah Genealogical Database, Jorde et al. (1990) determined kinship for all possible pairs of autistic subjects. The average kinship coefficient for autistic subjects and controls showed a strong tendency for autism to cluster in families. However, the familial aggregation was confined exclusively to sib pairs and did not extend to more distant relatives. The authors concluded that the findings excluded recessive inheritance, since the autosomal recessive hypothesis would predict several first-cousin pairs, of which none were found. The rapid fall off in risk to relatives, as well as the sib risk of 4.5%, was consistent with multifactorial causation."

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