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workshop conducta verbal

Hola a todos, os envío la información de un taller que se realiza en Zurich, donde el Dr. Vincent J. Carbone, hablara sobre la enseñanza de conductas de comunicación. Me han dado muy buenos informes sobre este taller.

Un abrazo



 I n  t r o  d  u  c  t i o  n   t o 

V e r b a l   B e h a v i o u r   
T e a c h i n g   C  o m  m  u n i c a t i o n   S  k i l l s   t o   C  h i l d r e n  
w i t h   A u t i s m   a n d   O t h e r   D e v e l o p m e n t a l  
D i s a b i l i t i e s 
D r .   V i n c e n t   J .   C a r b o n e ,   B CB A 
N o  v e  m b e  r  1 1 – 1 3  2  01 1 
U n  i v e  r s i t  ä  t  s s p i t  a  l   Z ü  r i c  h, Frauenklinik
Grosser Hörsaal NORD1 D
Frauenklinikstrasse 10
8006 Zürich
Workshop for Professionals, Teachers and Parents on Verbal 
Behaviour with simultaneous translation e/g und e/f
R e g i s t r a t io n   a n d   p a y m e n t  m u  s t   b e   r e  c  e  i v e  d   b y   S e  p t  e  m b e  r   2  3  2  0  0  9  . 
W o r k s h o p   F e e :   
CHF 600 (460 Euro) per person including workbook, snacks, lunch (Sat-Sun), and water.  Students 
with I.D. receive a CHF 150 discount.
T h e   W  o r k s h o p 
! Has your child or student with autism or other developmental disabilities acquired some 
receptive language but almost no expressive language?
! Has your child acquired vocal imitation but no spontaneous words or phrases?
! Does your student follow directions and remain on-task but almost never communicates 
! Does your student label many items in his environment but almost never spontaneously requests 
anything or engage in conversation?
! Does your child run the other direction when he sees a table, a chair, and a teacher?
! Does your child or student exhibit aggressive or self-injurious behaviour and very few 
communication skills?
! Does your child’s or student’s language sound scripted?
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